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Top 5 Super Affiliate Tips - With Chris Reader (Co-Founder of Profit Singularity)

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Shortly, I’ll be releasing many more case study recordings with people who are bringing in HUGE numbers thanks to the methods revealed in the video above.

AND we will be running a workshop with the mentors, that reveals even more about this step-by-step method of high affiliate profits using this NEW Automated Software for generating ads, voices, webpages, etc.

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0:20: How to create video ads without having to be on camera and without recording your own voice.

1:05: Chris has been doing consistently averaging OVER $100k a week (30% to 50% profit)

3:00: Top 5 Super Affiliate Tips From Chris.

3:50: When you run paid traffic, you get to your first sale quicker than if you're trying to get organic free traffic.

4:20: #1 Correct Testing Structure - The correct methodical approach to create a plan that will lead to success.

7:35: An efficient way to start your testing process.

12:00: #2 Promote Winning Offers - Focus on the offers that are working.

17:30: The best way to make money as an affiliate...

18:20: #3 Having A High Converting Landing Page - Once you have the formula for the landing page dialed in, the formula never changes.

19:30: How to create high converting landing pages (using the Profit Singularity Ultra templates)

23:00: #4 Have A Powerful Script Formula - How to structure your video ad people to click through

23:50: Pattern Interrupt - How to capture the audience's attention and get them to pay attention to your ad.

24:05: How to make money on YouTube ads without doing any targeting. (Amazing tip)

26:21: What's In It For Them - Differentiate yourself from the market 27:19: More keys for a high converting ad.

29:22: #5 Knowing How and When To Scale - Here are the key metrics to look at...

33:30: Once you realize this, you can unlock your mind's potential to earn 6 figures per year.

41:04: If you want to join the workshop (or watch the replay), listen to this.

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