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Top 5 Super Affiliate Tips - With Chris Reader (Co-Founder of Profit Singularity)

We have recorded the replay of the workshop: "How Ordinary People Are Making $91,311 Every 3 Months Using A Simple 4-Step System", go here to watch the replay:

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0:20: How to create video ads without having to be on camera and without recording your own voice.

1:05: Chris has been doing consistently averaging OVER $100k a week (30% to 50% profit)

3:00: Top 5 Super Affiliate Tips From Chris.

3:50: When you run paid traffic, you get to your first sale quicker than if you're trying to get organic free traffic.

4:20: #1 Correct Testing Structure - The correct methodical approach to create a plan that will lead to success.

7:35: An efficient way to start your testing process.

12:00: #2 Promote Winning Offers - Focus on the offers that are working.

17:30: The best way to make money as an affiliate...

18:20: #3 Having A High Converting Landing Page - Once you have the formula for the landing page dialed in, the formula never changes.

19:30: How to create high converting landing pages (using the Profit Singularity Ultra templates)

23:00: #4 Have A Powerful Script Formula - How to structure your video ad people to click through

23:50: Pattern Interrupt - How to capture the audience's attention and get them to pay attention to your ad.

24:05: How to make money on YouTube ads without doing any targeting. (Amazing tip)

26:21: What's In It For Them - Differentiate yourself from the market 27:19: More keys for a high converting ad.

29:22: #5 Knowing How and When To Scale - Here are the key metrics to look at...

33:30: Once you realize this, you can unlock your mind's potential to earn 6 figures per year.

41:04: If you want to join the workshop (or watch the replay), listen to this.

Click Here To Watch The Replay

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