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Case Study: 0 To 250k In 6 Months

We are running the encore of the workshop:

"How Ordinary People Are Making $91,311 Every 3 Months with Zero Tech Skills Using a Brand-New Technology"

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0:27: Her best day is over 30k and her best week is over $200,000!

0:52: She now has the freedom to promote the offers that she really like to promote, in alignment with how she wants to run her business long term. (She's running her business instead of her business running her!)

4:07: How to improve productivity (of creating and running ads) even if you're busy. (She's a mom of 2!)

5:55: If you consider yourself a spiritual person, listen to this.

6:53: Super affiliate tips from a mother of 2. (Golden nuggets!).

8:34: Listen to this if you are struggling with self-limiting beliefs about making money as an affiliate!

9:45: "The Formula" on how to make money as an affiliate using this method.

12:01: How to test and tweak things to improve your conversion rate.

15:00: If you want to have an expectation on how long to create an ad, listen to this.

17:37: Not only you can promote affiliate products after learning these, but you can also run ads and do marketing for other things. (Important skillset)

18:20: Watch this if you're curious to learn more from the workshop.

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