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The Power Of Persistence: Discover How Ryan Is Making Over $1k Per DAY With This NEW Affiliate Method…

We are running a ‘Demonstration’ workshop, where you can see Keegan and Rob build an A.I. Funnel in front of you in under 1 hour.

This is the exact same strategy Keegan (and other beta-testers) uses to make over 30k per day right now.

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1:10 - My special guest has been trying to make money online for about a decade now. But made $67,000 (profit) in just 5 weeks when he tried this method.

5:09 - "I don't really consider myself to be all that creative" (You don't have to be creative to do this.)

6:43 - This is a brand new opportunity that's already made for you, you only have to follow the easy steps.

7:30 - It doesn't take more time to run a campaign that earns you a hundred dollars a day versus a thousand dollars a day. You can leverage this method to enjoy time freedom.

9:29 - 2 Ways To Scale To Maximize Profits and ROI (Return On Investment)

12:51 - Micro Audiences Vs Gigantic Audiences - How one can work better for you than the other (Even if they can both work extremely well)

16:45 - How to use reinvesting to ‘snowball’ your growth in commissions (and how to get paid every week)

18:46 - How to create video ads that convert in 30 minutes or LESS.

26:02 - The best way to start doing affiliate marketing via this method is NOW.

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